100 % Coverage Flake Floors

Functional and Attractive

100% Coverage Flake Floors

100% Coverage Flake Floors

You want your concrete floors to be both functional and attractive. Your floors shouldn’t sacrifice appearance for functionality. In order to preserve your floor’s good condition, as well as one that is aesthetically pleasing and unique to you, you may consider installing 100% coverage flake floors. 

Our 100% coverage flake floors are an excellent choice for those who wish to improve the appearance of their concrete floors in order to achieve the aesthetic you desire.


Customizable To Your Needs

100% coverage flake floors are extremely customizable. This ensures that you will be able to customize your floor to match the existing aesthetic and decor of your house. 100% coverage flake floors provide you with the means to create a unique floor custom to you, without sacrificing functionality to do so. 

There is a wide array of options for you to choose from to improve the aesthetics of your floors. 100% coverage flake floors allow you to elevate the appearance of your home while maintaining functionality.

Vinyl Color Chips

100% coverage flake floors utilize vinyl color chips, flakes, or flecks in order to cultivate a unique, aesthetically pleasing impact. Decorative vinyl color chips, flakes, or fleck are specialized paint aggregates which are blended in order to create a floor that satisfies you. 

They can be blended to match any decor, coming in a large variety of colors, textures, sizes, and options for which you can blend them to. These floors allow you to have an enhanced floor that goes with the design of the rest of your home and that functions as it should.

Enhance Your Home

When you decide to implement 100% coverage flake floors, you’ll be able to customize the floors in order to ensure that you have a high quality, beautiful floor that is personalized to you and your home. 

These decorative floors aren’t just customizable, they’re also durable, safe, clean, and work to protect your floors. 100% flake floors enhance your home – both in terms of aesthetics and in longevity of your floors. 

Here at My Garage Floor Guys, we’re passionate about providing each and every one of our clients with professional services so that you can protect your floors, keep them in good condition with lessened maintenance, and optimize the appearance of them. 

Our services will ensure that you are able to receive flooring that works as it should and that looks great. To learn more about 100% coverage flake floors or any of our other services, please contact us at My Garage Floor Guys today!

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