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Yellow Epoxy Floors? 4 Reasons Why Yellowing Occurs

Have you noticed your epoxy coating in your garage is turning yellow? This could be happening for a number of reasons.

A garage is a part of the home that can often be overlooked, but if given the attention it can be aesthetically pleasing and prolong the life of the garage floor. Choosing a garage floor coating can help protect the concrete from cracking and shifting. Epoxy coatings improve the appearance of the space with multiple color options and designs that can match your personal preference and home design. 

Various environmental factors can cause the color of your epoxy floor to change or even cause yellowing of the entire floor. The discoloration can be avoided with regular cleaning and having a professional apply the coating. 

This blog will explore some of the most common reasons why epoxy floor coatings turn yellow and how to prevent the issue. Our professionals at My Garage Floor Guys have the ability to apply several kinds of floor coatings to your home, including ones that can avoid discoloration.

1. UV Light Exposure

The most common reason that epoxy coatings turn yellow is because of direct sunlight. The yellowing usually starts at the entrance of the garage from ultraviolet light rays. If you notice yellowing in other areas of the garage or space, it is likely light coming from the windows that is causing shapes of yellowing across the entire floor.

UV light is detrimental for epoxy flooring because it causes ambering. Ambering speeds up the process of polymer degradation, which causes the color of epoxy to change color and possibly crack. When epoxy flooring is exposed to high amounts of UV light, its glossy finish can lose its shine. You can limit the amount of yellowing and color degradation on your epoxy floors by avoiding UV light exposure.

2. Being Exposed to High Temperatures

Hot and humid conditions are not ideal for epoxy flooring, especially over extended periods of time. The high temperatures can cause the flooring to change color and even lift. You may consider extending your air conditioning to the garage to cool the environment. If you are unable to extend the air conditioning, try implementing some industrial finds or running a fan. Controlling the environment of the epoxy flooring can be difficult but it can help prevent issues with your flooring. 

3. Oxidation in the Epoxy Hardener

One aspect of epoxy flooring is that it needs to be applied and set very quickly once the container is opened. This is because epoxy resin is mixed with a hardener that helps it properly set on concrete. Once the mixture is open and air gets into the product, the epoxy can start to oxidize and change color. The amount of air that enters the container will determine how much discoloration happens once the coating is applied.

If you are doing the flooring yourself, make sure to store your product in a safe container that locks air out to avoid oxidation. You may need to purchase a new product if your current container has been sitting out for too long. Professional flooring companies can put down a layer of coating quickly to avoid oxidation as much as possible.

4. Excess Moisture in the Air

The last major contributor to the yellowing of epoxy flooring is moisture in the air. This can be closely related to high temperatures and humidity, but moisture can also come from excess rain, moisture from under your concrete, or from cleaning the area like pressure washing. Epoxy floorings are actually effective in preventing mold growth caused by moisture, but you should also do your best to keep the floor dry. A dry floor is easier to keep clean and avoid discoloration.

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How Homeowners Can Prevent Epoxy From Turning Yellow

We mentioned a few suggestions on how to keep epoxy flooring from yellowing, but there are even more ways to keep your garage floor looking new for years on end. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can protect your flooring from yellowing and becoming damaged.

Here are some actions you can take to keep your flooring clean and safe:

  • Have a UV-resistant sealant applied to the coating
  • Clean the surface regularly and make sure it is dry each time
  • Avoid leaving your garage door open
  • Choose an epoxy color that masks yellowing
  • Avoid acid-based cleaners
  • Limit humidity with a dehumidifier

Choose My Garage Floor Guys for Your Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floors are becoming more and more popular for homeowners because of the functionality and aesthetics of epoxy coatings. Improving these aspects of your flooring is made easier by using our professional team to apply a coating to your concrete floor. 

My Garage Floor Guys is one of the best in the business when it comes to choosing a great floor coating for your specific space, budget, and timeline. We provide a pristine application that can stay looking brand new with some consistent maintenance from you. You can choose the color and style of your flooring to make your garage look fantastic, all while preventing damage to your concrete.

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