Basement Floor Coatings Can Prevent and Protect Against Pests Franklin, TN

Basement Floor Coatings Can Prevent and Protect Against Pests

Available in a number of materials, basement floor coatings consist of sealants designed to protect and preserve the longevity of the floors to which they are applied. This kind of coverage, usually made of some form of epoxy, acrylic, or polyurethane, can spare your floors from all manner of pests and water damage.

Exposed to the Elements

Due to their unique placement underground, basements are especially susceptible to pest and moisture damage. These can manifest in many different ways, including rising ground water, poor drainage from gutters or appliances in the home, and humid exterior air that condenses on the cooler surfaces of the basement.

An excess of water in the basement is a recipe for problems, including structural damage to walls, floors, and whatever is stored in the basement and biological threats like mildew and black mold. Unfortunately, because so many basements—especially unfinished basements—are used primarily for storage, many homeowners do not know about water damage until it has had time to wreak its havoc.

Basement Floor Coatings Can Prevent and Protect Against Pests

What If Water Damage Is Already Present?

Unfortunately, laying a floor coating cannot reverse water damage. In fact, basement floors must be thoroughly dry when the coating is applied to ensure proper efficacy and curing. Any damage from leaks or flooding must be repaired before a basement floor coating can be applied. Here are a few indicators of a basement moisture problem: 

  • Dampness at the base of the walls
  • Water dripping down the walls
  • Wet floors and walls
  • Water staining
  • Other floor damage 
  • Paint peeling off of basement surfaces
  • Heavy or humid air in the basement 
  • Rot and mildew smells

Water damage in a basement must be taken care of quickly as such problems only get worse as they progress. Taking steps to curb and reverse water damage immediately can help minimize damage and restoration costs. A professional restoration contractor can ensure that the source of water damage is found and repaired and that any basement water damage is reversed as much as possible.

Basement Floor Coatings Can Prevent and Protect Against Pests

What Can Basement Floor Coatings Prevent?

At the home’s base, your basement is particularly vulnerable to a number of damaging elements. However, if these trespassers are prevented from entering through the basement, they are significantly less likely to have any entry point at all. A sturdy basement floor coating will keep out many pests and prevent other damage.


While basement floor coatings cannot undo or correct water damage, they can block moisture from causing it in the first place. The specialized paints and sealants prevent moisture from soaking down into porous concrete. They also thwart ground water from coming up through the floor. Coating serves as a relatively easy way to waterproof your basement floor. They also block staining from non-water liquids and are designed not to warp upon contact with water.

Mold and Mildew

Because coating your basement floor keeps out water, the process is a vital step in protecting your basement from insidious biological agents like mold and mildew. The epoxy in the floor offers no nutrient to support microbial growth, so with regular light cleaning, coatings are wonderfully mold-resistant. They are also designed to perform well when exposed to the dampness and warm temperatures of high humidity, UV rays, and inorganic salts.


Once mice find a way into your home, it’s only a matter of time before they have their run of the place. The most common entry point for mice and other pests are small gaps or cracks where your floors meet your walls. Fortunately, basement floor coatings are installed to extend several inches up the surrounding walls to create a seamless and nonporous flooring system. This method seals the inside of your home off from the outside and closes any gaps or joints where pests might enter. 

Basement Floor Coatings Can Prevent and Protect Against Pests

Mechanical Damage

Applying an epoxy coating to your basement floor not only keeps harmful elements out. It also strengthens the floor itself. A sealed floor is protected from mechanical damage, like the added pressure of regular foot traffic or the force of dropping things that would otherwise cause dings or dents in the floor’s surface.

Coating your concrete floor also prevents the material from “dusting.” The mild disintegration of the exposed surface of concrete can lead to problems with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. Laying a protective barrier atop your concrete floor can prevent this process, letting those who enter your home breathe easier.

In addition to the protection offered, a quality basement floor coating will also make the floor much easier to clean and give it a luxurious appearance, increasing the home’s value. We highly recommend you protect your basement by laying protective coating, and at your request, one of our professional installers will assess your basement floor to ensure it qualifies for coverage.

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