Epoxy Floors in Tennessee

The Best Durable Floors For Retail Spaces

Commercial spaces see many people every day which means that your floor sees high foot traffic, is exposed to the outside elements, and may receive many shipments through your doors. All of these actions can wear down your flooring and lead to problems in the future. Concrete floor coatings can help give you the best durable floors for your retail space. My Garage Floor Guys can provide you with a durable floor coating that will make your business stand out.

Epoxy For Spill Resistant Floors

The coating of epoxy is great for indoor spaces and is a type of resin that hardens on your floors. Epoxy is not UV resistant, so it is recommended to be applied on basements and other indoor spaces. 

Just because it is not UV resistant doesn’t mean that it is not durable. Epoxy makes your floor smooth and beautiful to look at. If you are coating only partial areas of your retail spaces, epoxy can be a good option because it will protect the flooring underneath. If you are wanting epoxy on a high traffic area in your business, you may find yourself redoing the coating sooner than other spaces because it does begin to wear down and become slippery. 

Epoxy floors are great for places that see lots of scratches and spills. It is stain resistant and easier to clean when food or oil spills on them. These are great for movie theatres, supermarkets, or kitchens in a restaurant. 

Scratch And Dent Durable Polyaspartic Coating

Polyaspartic durable floors are mostly used for garages in homes, but using it in residential spaces is a great idea if you want to make your floor last longer. These floor coatings are recommended for high traffic businesses because it is 6 times stronger than epoxy. It can withstand more damage, drops, weather, and other elements. It is really hard, but can be flexible when walked on. 

Another positive element of these floor coatings is that they are non-slip. The best durable floors are ones that will protect your customers and your employees. Polyaspartic are resistant to high abrasions which means that you can run your business without worrying about your flooring. It helps protects the concrete and prevents cracks and chips. 

These are on the top of our list for the best durable floors because they are quick to apply and cure. Shutting down your business or taking time off makes you lose money, so the less time it takes for us to apply a coating to your floor, the more your retail space can thrive. 

best durable floors

Hiring A Professional Floor Coating Company

If you want a high quality experience and the best durable floors, you will need to hire a professional garage floor and floor coating company. While there are DIY kits out there on the market, but having a professional installation will ensure that your coating is applied evenly and your coating lasts for many years. 

My Garage Floor Guys can help apply the best durable floors to any place in your home or commercial space. Professionals not only have the knowledge to apply your floor coating but also have equipment to help keep dust out of the air and prevent more unncessary mess. We also use HEPA filter vacuums to that you or your customers are not breathing in the toxic dust for days after. 

Hiring a professional comes with advice for colors, designs, and the coating your truly need for your residential space. Clear communication and fast processing will save you the frustration of applying a floor coating yourself. Professional companies will also provide you with a warranty, so that if anything goes wrong with our application or your floor starts to experience issues, they will fix it in no time. 

Working With My Garage Floor Guys

Our team takes pride in our work and works quickly to complete your garage floor or commercial floor in just one day. We leave your space cleaner and better than we found it and help you to have a more durable space. 

The best durable floors are the ones that are applied correctly, so our technicians are highly skilled and trained to apply the coating in a professional matter. Our owner is also involved in every job because each and every customer is important to us. You get a individual experience when you hire My Garage Floor Guys. 

As a family owned business, we work to treat customers like our own family and make sure your commercial space can serve the community effectively. If you are ready to have the best durable floors and added flexibility to your business, contact us to schedule your consultation today!

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