Welcome to Tennessee - road sign on the highway. floors in Tennessee

Coating Garage Floors in Tennessee

Tennessee is a wonderful place to live. It is beautiful all year round, and the people understand how to have fun and take care of each other. We love the state and install garage floors in Tennessee as a way of building up what is already here. If you are a Tennessee resident, we can help you find the perfect garage flooring solutions for you. 

Welcome to Tennessee - road sign on the highway. floors in Tennessee

What We Love About Tennessee

My Garage Floor Guys is based in Franklin, Tennessee. Our team is local to the area, and we lay garage floors in Tennessee because there’s just so much we love about the state. From its waterfall hikes to the Parthenon in Nashville to banana pudding, Tennessee has everything you could want.  

A Natural Beauty 

Tennessee is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Over 50% of the state’s 42,143 square miles is forested, accounting for national forests like the Cherokee and national parks like the Great Smoky Mountains (the most visited national park in the U.S. and the top tourist attraction in Tennessee).

Tennessee is sandwiched between the Mississippi River and the Blue Ridge Mountains, with many state parks, federal wilderness areas, reservoirs,  Civil War battlefields, and National Scenic Byways in between. The state is home to an abundance of wild animal life, including frogs, fish, birds, deer, raccoons, foxes, and black bears.

Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, USA autumn landscape at dawn. floors in Tennessee

A Happening Place

But Tennessee is not just a wilderness landscape. Since it became a state in 1796, Tennessee has become the 11th-most visited state in the country. With approximately seven million permanent residents, Tennessee is home to cultural diversity and a lot of fun. 

Music is a huge part of Tennessee’s identity. Here music such as blues, soul, rock and roll, country, gospel, Contemporary Christian, and bluegrass have developed into what they are today, and the state’s capital Nashville has been coiled “Music City” for its role in that evolution. You can’t go to any city in Tennessee without hearing the strains of good music being celebrated. This is further evidenced by the fact that Dollywood is Tennessee’s most visited ticketed attraction. There is a little something for everyone in Tennessee.

Coating Floors in Tennessee

Installing garage floors in Tennessee has its challenges. In order to install garage floors in Tennessee that will last, installation must be completed when the concrete is dry enough for adequate curing. However, Tennessee is known for its hot and humid summers followed by mild snowfall in the winter. Our team of professionals can circumvent this challenge using the correct equipment operated by experienced hands. 

Once your garage floor (or patio or driveway coating) is installed, it will be able to handle everything the Tennessee climate has to throw at it. Your concrete will be protected from the hot sun, heavy rains, and high humidity. This will guarantee that your concrete will last longer and have a more luxurious appearance.

Nashville, Tennessee, USA skyline on the Cumberland River at night. floors in Tennessee

Your Tennessee Floor Coating

At My Garage Floor Guys, we take southern hospitality seriously. We install garage floors in Tennessee because we want to give back to the state we love so much. Because valuing our customers and treating them well is our highest priority, everything we do is designed to give you a good experience. It is why we use only the best materials and products and manage each installation with professionalism and open communication.

We are a family-owned business. Our success is dependent on the satisfaction of our customers and the good reviews we receive. In order to give you the best floors in Tennessee, our owner is involved in every installation. There is no running the business from the golf course. Each of our other employees has all the experience and training necessary to complete the job to client satisfaction as well. Compensation is based on customer satisfaction, not on commission.

It is our goal to provide our customers with floors in Tennessee with as little inconvenience to them as possible. This is why the design process is geared toward helping you find the perfect flooring solutions for your preferences. It is also why we connect all of our equipment to HEPA filters, to keep dust and debris out of your air. We can actually leave your garage cleaner than we found it. 

If you are looking for garage floors in Tennessee, My Garage Floor Guys is here to help. Let us help you enjoy your Tennessee garage to the fullest with the best solution on the market.

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