Maintain Floor Coatings Year Round, Franklin

How to Maintain Floor Coatings Year Round

Garage floor coatings are a great investment for property owners who want to provide a durable and easy maintenance flooring option. While they don’t require much maintenance, they do require some as the seasons change. Doing some simple maintenance tasks based on the season helps prolong the life and beauty of garage floor coatings. This blog will give you some tips on how to maintain floor coatings year round and in different climates.

How to Maintain Floor Coatings Year Round

Here are tips to help maintain floor coatings year round:

Maintain Floor Coatings Year Round, Franklin

Spring Care Tips

You can’t forget about the garage floor coating when it’s time for spring cleaning! The floor coating can accumulate materials and debris throughout the winter that needs to be cleaned to prevent damage. You can start by removing salt, dirt, and grime buildup that has accumulated by simply washing the surface with water. For more stubborn stains or materials that are stuck to the floor, you can use cleaning detergents and a non-abrasive tool to scrub the surface clean. 

Another maintenance step to do in the spring is to check for any cracks, chips, or peeling. If you find any, these are usually small issues that can be addressed yourself. You may need to consult professionals if you are unsure about your abilities or if the damage is significant.  

The last thing that you should consider is to reapply protective sealant to enhance durability for the coming months. Be sure to apply an even coat to the entire surface and allow it to dry completely before putting anything back on the surface. 

Summer Care Tips

Summer brings in hotter temperatures that can damage floor coatings if they are not properly maintained. To keep dust and debris at bay, you should regularly sweep and wash the floor throughout the summer. If you are consistent with your cleaning, a simple wash with a garden hose will suffice every couple of weeks. 

Heat damage is a major threat to floor coatings in the summertime because of high temperatures. To protect the floor from heat damage, be sure to ventilate the garage. You can put some fans in the garage or open windows to create a draft. 

Another maintenance measure is to prevent stains and surface damage, as heat can exacerbate those issues. If you have any spills on the floor, quickly clean it up by using a non-abrasive cloth and safe cleaning detergents, along with rinsing the area with water afterwards. 

Fall Care Tips

The fall time brings cooler temperatures, which makes it a great time to prepare for winter. A deep clean should be done to ensure the best surface for the colder months that are approaching. You should also inspect and repair any damage before it worsens, as it will be much harder to repair in cold and wet weather conditions. 

You can also apply an anti-slip coating to prevent any accidents as ice and snow can accumulate around the garage. Applying an anti-slip coating will help keep the garage safe and protect occupants from any injuries. 

Maintain Floor Coatings Year Round, Franklin

Winter Care Tips

Winter is a season that brings some challenges when it comes to garage floor coatings because of the constant exposure to snow, ice, and salt. Maintenance steps should be taken to prevent moisture damage and salt stains during the colder months. As soon as you park your car, remove any accumulated snow and ice from around the vehicle to help prevent it from melting and spreading moisture across the floor. You can also use a plastic shovel to gently scrape away ice and snow, as metal shovels can scratch or damage the floor coating.

Another way to protect floor coatings in the winter is to use garage heaters to maintain an optimal temperature. Garage heaters prevent water from freezing on the floor to reduce the risk of slips and falls, and they dry out moisture quickly to prevent long-term damage to the floor coating. Using a heater can also make a more comfortable work space in the garage during the winter months.

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