car fluid spills, Franklin

How to Easily Remove Car Fluid Spills on Garage Floors

Garage floors are put through a lot due to them being the homes of heavy items, vehicles, tools, and more. Regularly cleaning and organizing your garage can help you avoid any problems, but issues inevitably arise. One common problem garages face is they are prone to being the victims of car fluid spills. Whether the spills come from improperly inserting them into vehicles or fluids leaking from the vehicles, car fluids are not ideal to have on a garage floor. 

Knowing how to effectively remove car fluid spills from garage floors is important because it will preserve the quality of the floor and keep the environment of the space safe. This blog will teach  you what supplies you need to have on hand, how to remove spills, and ways to prevent the spills from happening in the first place.

car fluid spills, Franklin

Common Fluids That Spill

When vehicles are stored in a garage, fluids have a tendency to accumulate on the floor. Some of the most common types of fluids that can end up on the floor include engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. Some fluids may be thicker or darker than others, so they may require additional time soaking into the absorbent materials during clean up, but they are mostly treated the same way. If you notice you spilled any fluid while refilling your vehicle, or you notice fluids are leaking, you will need to clean up the fluid as soon as possible.

Cleaning Supplies You Will Need

To effectively clean fluid spills from a garage floor, you will need the following supplies:

  • Absorbent material (sawdust, kitty litter, absorbent pads, etc.)
  • Cleaning solution (degreaser or oil stain remover formulated for garage floors)
  • Scrubbing tools (soft-bristled brush, scrubbing pads, etc.)
  • Safety gear (goggles and gloves)
  • Disposal materials (bags or containers)

Once you have gathered all the supplies, you are ready to clean up the spill. 

car fluid spills, Franklin

How to Remove Car Fluid Spills

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove spills from a garage floor:

  1. Absorbent Material: Cover the spilled area with absorbent material such as kitty litter, sawdust, or commercial absorbent pads to soak up the fluid and prevent spreading.
  2. Let it Sit: Allow the absorbent material to sit on the spill to absorb as much fluid as possible, typically for a few minutes to hours depending on spill size.
  3. Sweep or Vacuum: Once absorbed, sweep or vacuum the material along with the fluid. Make sure to dispose of it properly.
  4. Cleaning Solution: Dilute a degreaser or oil stain remover with water as per instructions. Apply the solution to the spill area.
  5. Scrubbing: Use a stiff-bristled brush or scrubbing pad to agitate the solution and lift remaining stains. Work in small sections with firm pressure.
  6. Rinsing: Thoroughly rinse the area with clean water to remove residue. Use a mop or wet/dry vacuum to remove excess water, then allow the floor to air dry.

Following these steps will help you efficiently eliminate car fluid spills from your garage floor, restoring its cleanliness and safety. Always prioritize safety and adhere to proper disposal practices to maintain a clean and hazard-free environment.

Fluid Spill Prevention

The most obvious and effective way to keep your garage floor clean is by preventing car fluid spills. Here are some tips on how to prevent these spills:

Parking Considerations: Park your car on a level surface and away from high-traffic areas to reduce the risk of spills.

Regular Maintenance: Be sure to stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and regularly check fluid levels to avoid leaks and spills. If you do notice any leaks, address them immediately.

Proper Storage: Fluids should be securely stored in sealed containers on level surfaces to avoid leaking or tipping over.

Fluid Containment: Place drip pans or trays under your vehicle when you are using fluids to catch any spills or leaks.

Cleanliness: Spills and leaks can also be prevented by keeping your vehicle clean and well-maintained. Keeping it clean means you are regularly checking on the status of your vehicle, which will help you catch any problems that are causing spills or leaks.

car fluid spills, Franklin

Apply a Garage Floor Coating to Add Protection

Another way to prevent garage floors from acquiring stains from car fluids is to apply a coating to the floor. At My Garage Floor Guys, our team of professionals knows how to perfectly apply a protective coating that will provide your garage floor with a barrier against spills and stains. We offer multiple types of floor coatings, including epoxy, polyaspartic, chip and flake, and more. Contact us to get a quote on your garage floor coating and we will get you started with the process.

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